Here are some photos from our trip to Puerto Rico in 2015.

St. Regis in Puerto Rico, where we stayed.

The back yard of the reception building.

St. Regis bar.

We had breakfast and lunch here every day.

Tree-trunk bench.

Path leading to the beach.

The beach.

Our suite was on the second floor.

Our spacious room.

In the bathroom one could fit a small NYC apartment.

The bathtub provided relief for Jason's bug bites.

Flowers in front of our building.

At sunset they lit the fire pits.

The beach at twilight.

The reception building at twilight.

Delicious dessert.

This green iguana was pretending to be a leaf.

The entrance to the Puerto Rico rain forest, El Yunque.

Fiddlehead fern.

Ljudmila in front of La Coca Falls.

A bird's eye view of El Yunque.

Bamboo is used to support the roads.

Aerial roots.

La Mina Falls.

A lizard hiding in the leaves.

Termite nest.

Coconut palm tree.

Grove of palm trees.

White egret.

Interesting trees.

The golf course.

Jason and Ljudmila in front of the pool.

Here are more photos of different parts of the pool.

The iguanas feel entitled to use the pool, too.

Koi and water lilies.

At night the building looked like a Roman villa.

Jason at breakfast during our departure day.

The shells we collected in Puerto Rico.

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