Here are some photos from a trip to Rio in the summer of 2008.

Cariocas playing  frescobol.

Ljudmila posing on Ponta do Arpoador.

The view of Ipanema from Ponta do Arpoador.

Jason (that funny thing peeking under my shirt is a fanny pack).

Ljudmila wears that shirt to confuse the real lifeguards :)

Ilha Cagarra.

Forte in front of Paõ de Açúcar.

Jason drinks a coco gelado. (The unnatural protrusion is again my fanny pack.)

Princesa Ljudmila reigns over the sand castle! (But no rain, lucky for the castle.)

Palácio Tiradentes in the Praça XV de Novembro.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo.

Palácio da Ilha Fiscal, which was used for 1 week before Brazil became a republic.

The statue of D. João VI, a Portuguese king whose court-in-exile during the Napoleonic invasion was in Rio. The bicentennial is this year.

Estação das Barcas - Praça XV.

Chafariz do Mestre Valentim.

Ljudmila in front of Paço Imperial.

Igreja da Candelária.

Fountain at the entrance of Jardim Botânico.


Jason in the Jardim Botânico (the laptop case hides my fanny pack).

Ljudmila, lady of the waterfalls!

Jason in front of screwy cacti (the fanny pack reappears).

Is this a cactus or a broccoli?

Now this is definitely a cactus - a very frightening cactus.

The statues in Jardim Botânico aren't well-behaved. This one never stopped drooling.

Ljudmila in front of an ivy-covered gazebo of Jardim Botânico.

A pejibaye palm.

The sundial and the bromeliads.


Giant green leaves.

Hanging purple flowers.

Green and golden ivy.

Do you see the letter "J"? I see the letter "J".

This plant is giving me "the raspberry"!

Ljudmila and a glossy orange tree.

A pole surrounded by a cage of branches.

Who knew that chocolate balls grew on trees?

The fisherman who never tires.

A boat-billed flycatcher.

A dusky-legged guan.

Jason is dwarfed by a rainforest tree.


Beautiful white flowers.

Pink Ljudmila with Pink Parrot.

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