Here are some photos from the trip Ljudmila took to Rome!
Basilica San Giovanni.

And here is San Giovanni!

Arc between the Colosseum and the Forum.

Here comes the cavalry!

Inside of the Forum.

The garden in front of the Palatine.


The Spanish Steps.

La Fontana di Trevi.

Pope's Sunday Mass.

A clock in the Vatican.

Statues in the Vatican . . .

And even more statues in the Vatican!

Castel Sant' Angelo.

The green water of the "Yellow Tiber".

Bernini's statue looking away from Sant'Agnese church.

Giordano Bruno's statue.

Fontana in front of the French embassy.

Fontana in front of the Pantheon.

Egyptian obelisk behind the Pantheon.

Inside of the Pantheon.

Painting in the Pantheon.

A column with a story.

Beautiful Ljudmila in front of the Vatican :)

Skylight in San Pietro.

Ljudmila with the GIANT Cherubs.

The altar of San Pietro.

View from atop Piazza Venezia.


The emperor's terrace in the Colosseum.

The Last Supper (well, not THE "The Last Supper", but still a very nice "The Last Supper")

The ceiling of the hall leading to the ceiling of the Sistine chapel :)

The ceiling of another hall leading to the ceiling of the Sistine chapel . . .

And finally the ceiling of the Sistine chapel (only slightly blurry because no flash photography is allowed).

Earth's Eden.

Even more cioccolato!

In the yard of Museo Nazionale Romano. Thanks Sam Grushevsky for making it!

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