Here are some photos from our trip to Shanghai in June of 2018.

At Fudan University.

The Math Department is in this building.

Jason found a new friend.

An old airplane parked on campus.

Suzhou Museum.

These photos are from the Humble Administrator's Garden.

Resting at a Chinese Starbucks after the walk, having a red bean scone and a matcha frappuccino.

Next stop: the Lion Grove Garden.

Downtown Suzhou.

An old famous restaurant dating from the Ming Dynasty.

Xiaowei Wang, Zhiyu Tian and Ljudmila sampling the local cuisine.

A painting in the restaurant.

The display in front of the mall.

The Chinese Pizza Hut menu offers durian pizza!

The breakfast area of our hotel in the French neighborhood of Shanghai.

Interesting buildings in downtown Shanghai.

Buddhist Temple.

Jason in downtown Shanghai.

Ljudmila in downtown Shanghai.

A gondola.

A floral tile on the ground.

A lady statue in the middle of the lake.

A strange pair of geese.

Beautiful lotus flowers.

At the Yuyuan Garden.

Topiary in downtown Shanghai.

The iconic Shanghai skyline.

The Bund in Shanghai.

Jason at the Bund.

Interesting round buildings.

More interesting buildings seen from the Bund.

Ljudmila found some giant seashells.

Colorful statues at the Mall.

Jason in front of a giant tooth-like sculpture.

Jason is dwarfed by these sculptures.

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