These are photos from Stony Brook - our new home.

The new car by the new apartment.

Market Square in old Stony Brook Village.

Jason reading the directory.

Ljudmila in front of a hundred flowers.

The post office in Stony Brook Village.

A masthead of Hercules.

An inlet off Long Island Sound.

Colorful flowers.

Ducks and geese gather at the Duck Pond.

The wakes of the ducks speed across the water.

Jason poses at the gate. Jim Simons donated Avalon Park to Stony Brook.

Ljudmila on the bridge.

Two white ducks fishing.

Acorns point the way in Avalon Park.

A memorial to Paul Simons.

Some beautiful pink flowers.

Acorns mark the red path.

A wildflower meadow.

A carpet of clover.

The Student Activities Center on Stony Brook's campus.

The fraternities and sororities each paint a boulder on campus.

Ljudmila rests on the Lambda Tau boulder.

Op Art cyclists race in the Student Activities Center.

Jason poses in front of a galaxy map.

The administration building. There's a dinosaur skeleton inside.

Here is the dinosaur.

The Wang Center beyond a fountain.

No zebras were harmed in the making of this sidewalk.

More beautiful pink flowers.

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