Here are some photos from a trip to Sweden in 2009.

The prow of the warship Vasa.

The giant mast.

Ornate carving of the Vasa's stern.

The main deck of the Vasa.

A diorama of life on a 17th century Swedish warship.

A replica of the Vasa with its original colors.

The deployment of the Swedish fleet in the 17th c. oceans.

Charming boats in the Stockholm harbor.

A statue of Astrid Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking.

Stockholm harbor from the Strandvägen.

Djurgården Gate.

The goddess Freyja on Djurgårdsbron (the bridge to Deer Garden).

The view of the old town from Strandvägen.

A typical Stockholm street corner.

Looking across the Nybroviken.

The Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern (Royal Dramatic Theatre).

Statue of actors outside the theater.

A charming door across from Wallquistska Huset (where I stayed).

Karl XIII's statue in Kungsträdgården.

Saint Jacob's Church (Jakobs Kyrka).

The Riksdagshuset, House of Parliament.

A gull watches for fish from the Strömbron.

The view along the Riksgatan (National Street).

Shops in the Old Town.

The tower of the Storkyrkan, the Great Church.

Getting closer to Storkyrkan.

This is the Nobel Museum. But I showed up before the museum hours.

A wing of the Royal Palace.

The front of the Storkyrkan.

The statue of Olaus Petri outside Storkyrken.

Pyramid power!

Guns in the Royal Palace.

Riddarholmskyrkan on the island of Riddarholmen.

Riddarhuset, the Swedish House of Lords.

The apse of Riddarholmskyrkan.

The Norstedthuset on Riddarholmen.

Strömsborg off of Vasabron.

The Stadshuset, Stockholm City Hall.

View across the Riddarsfjärden from Stadshusbron.

The tower of the Stadshuset.

A sculpture of Stockholm outside the city hall.

The sarcophagus of Birger Jarl.

Gustav Adolfs torg (Gustav Adolf's square).

Another view of St. Jacob's Church.

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