Here are some photos from Ljudmila's trip to Sydney in January 2018.

At Bar 360 in the Sydney Tower.

Lunch with a view.

Ferry station.

At the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

Can you find Dori and Nemo?

Various sea life.

This grouper lets smaller fish clean its mouth.

A playful manatee.

Ljudmila in front of the aquarium.


A sawshark and a bramble shark.

Close-up of a sawshark.

Emperor penguins.

Representatives of the Great Barrier Reef.

The University of Sydney's Business School.

Chi Li holding an Australian lobster.

This lobster later became part of our lunch.

Some scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed on campus.

Australian white ibis.


Giant beans!

Lamington - a local specialty.

Very tasty display of baked goods.

An artist taking part in drawing a mural.

White Spider Lily.

Ljudmila imitating a Lego sculpture of the Capitoline Venus.

Banksia pods and gifts made out of them.

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