These are photos of a visit to National Taiwan University in Taipei.

This is from Fu Si-nian Memorial Garden.

The bamboo stakes hold up this indigeneous tree.

A banyan tree.

This tree produced large fragrant fruits (but I didn't try tasting them).

A pointy palm tree.

Many of the trees have a mossy growth like this one at their base.

A picnic table in the middle of the garden.

A typical Taipei street scene.

The darling buds of late March :)

A temple in the middle of the garden.

NTU has an Azalea Festival every March.

A fountain amid the flowers.

Entrance and exit to the garden.

I wish I read Chinese.

More azaleas (I think).

The Fu bell.

The Royal Palm Promenade on campus.

The garden next to the administration building.

An art deco portrait near some of the greenhouses.

Taipei 101 in the distance.

An old warplane.

A reading child.

This is where we had the conference.

Taiwan is so verdant, flowers bloom from a bicycle basket :)

The view from the top of my hotel.

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