Here are some photos from the trip we took to Vienna!
The Art History Museum

Ljudmila in front of the Hofburg Palace

How many cities have a hansom taxi stand?

Mozart statue

Vienna Opera house

Another view of Hofburg Palace

Vienna is full of decorated Lippizaner horse statues (like the cows in Chicago)


More marble Michaelerplatz statues :)

A courtyard in the Hofburg palace


Rose garden in the Volksgarten

The Parliament

Ljudmila and the wise men

The Burgtheater

Rathaus Revisited

Liebenberg memorial

Pestsaule, the Plague column

St. Stephan's cathedral

Strauss statue

A flower clock in Stadtpark

A topiary piano on Johannesgasse

Upper Belvedere

Fountain in Belvedere

Lower Belvedere

Ljudmila posing with the month statues

Ljudmila in front of Karlskirche

Schonbrunn palace front

Schonbrunner Schlosspark

Fountain in the park

Spot the duck

Schonbrunn palace from behind


Schonbrunn palace from the Gloriette

The Gloriette

Golden eagle guarding Schonbrunn

Hundertwasser house in Vienna

Below the Hundertwasser house

Jason stacks phone booths like dominos

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