Here are some photos from Ljudmila's trip to Vienna in May 2017.

First view from the train station: Hundertwasser architecture.

Here is a close-up.

The famous district heating plant in Vienna.

Ljudmila in front of Hundertwasserhaus.

Elia and Ljudmila taking a lunch break.

Ljudmila in front of the Hundertwasser apartment building.

Elia reading about the architecture.

The Hundertwasser Museum.

Ljudmila in front of the museum.

Restaurant "Tian"!

Interesting car paint job.

Wiener Riesenrad.

Elia waiting patiently for Ljudmila to take her photographs.

University of Vienna.

Liebenberg-Denkmal monument.




Austrian Parliament Building.


Wiener Staatsoper.

St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Another view of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

This reminds me of a "Lunch atop a Skyscraper".

A comfortable room after a long Viennese walk.

The view from Ljudmila's room.

Elia enjoying the balcony.

Elia and Ljudmila posing in front of an interesting fountain.


Ljudmila in front of the City Palace of Gartenpalais Liechtenstein.

The Garden Palace.

Sculptures from the park Gartenpalais Liechtenstein.

Decorations from a Persian restaurant.

Beautiful view from Ludmil Katzarkov's office.

Bridge Club near campus!

Mozart Memorial Statue.

Close-up of the Mozart Statue.

A giant green rabbit with a bottle of champagne!

Ljudmila having a sachertorte in Cafe Sacher.

The garden clock in Stadtpark is quite accurate.

Johann Strauss Monument.

Tea time at the ESI.

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