Here are some photos from a trip to the mountain Vitosha.

Little lovely Lju-Lju

Park on Vitosha

In Bulgarian they call these things "flowers"

Family Kamenovi (and Jason)

Oh wait a minute . . . THIS is the family Kamenovi

And these things . . they are also called "flowers"

But this is a giant, swarming hill of ants! :0

Ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks. It works better with "buffalo".

This dog lives off handouts from hikers (and the occasional duck if no humans are watching).

Ljudmila crosses an obstacle course.

And Elia gets ready to jump from the swing.

They put me up at the top of this thing. It's made from baling wire and chewing gum, so I was terrified to move (lest it collapse with me on it).

These are the famous Moreni. Go in any Bulgarian grocery and ask about Moreni. They'll hand you a delicious chocolate bar.

Jason and the chocolate bar.

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