Here are some photos from a trip to Washington, DC in Spring 2012.

Here is my sweet Ljudmila in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (aka the White House).

A lovely column in front of the Executive Office building.

The trees are flowering in D.C.

Jason poses in front of the Washington Monument (not a hint of "Monument envy" from Jason).

The Vietnam War Memorial.

Ljudmila poses in front of the Gettysburg Address at the Lincoln Memorial.

Jason in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The Korean War Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial.

Green cherries.

The last of the famous cherry blossoms.

Ljudmila waits for a soup ration at the FDR Memorial.

Ljudmila plays King of the Mountain (or rather Queen of the Mountain) at the FDR Memorial.

A stone pagoda commemorating the friendship between Tokyo and Washington D.C.

A quote from Thomas Jefferson that I particularly respect.


Somebody get me a marker and a deck of cards (better than an ATM).

So now you can see whether Jason is worth his height in money (answer: he is not).

The Smithsonian Castle.

Inside the Butterfly Room at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

I had a couple of these butterflies land in my hair (but we couldn't snap the photo before they flew away).

Here's another impressive butterfly.

Watch out Ljudmila, there is a Tyrannosaur about to bite you!

Ljudmila in front of the scorched bottom of a re-entry pod.

This was the command module for the moon mission.

SpaceShipOne, which won the Ansari X Prize.

Ljudmila relaxes in front of the US Capitol Building.

Ljudmila inside the US Botanic Garden.

A flowering vine.

Miltoniopsis Gladys Fumiko Yokoyama orchid.

Every garden needs an avocado fountain.

Tropical yellow flowers.

Beallara Tahoma Glacier orchid.

A rainbow of tulips.

Bonsai in the bamboo corner.

A view of the US Capitol.

The ceiling in the Library of Congress.

Thomas Jefferson had an extensive collection of math books.


This cherub with a rabbit represents magic (each cherub in the library represents some part of human knowledge).

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