Here are some photos from a trip to the Bahamas.

Ljudmila on our balcony.

A gingerbread house in the lobby.

Jason by the pool.

A coconut monkey at the "Daq Shaq".

Ljudmila rests in the sun.

A lighthouse on Paradise Island.

Jason swings in a hammock.

Some tropical flowers.

Jason in the Pirate Museum.

The figure on the bow of the pirate ship.

Ready for a raid.


The pirate puts Jason in the stocks.

Ljudmila is swept off her feet by a pirate!

The Nassau cathedral.

Cruise ships docked in Nassau.

Ljudmila in search of shells.


Sunset in the Bahamas.

Everything is pink at sunset.

Ljudmila relaxes in the hot tub.

Seagulls flock on a little reef.

A view of the hotel from the reef.

Ljudmila jumped off of our aquacycle.

Jason aquacycling.

Ljudmila swims back from the safety line.

A flock by the dock.

A lone sailboat.

Jason reaches for a coconut.

Have you ever seen orange coconuts?

Ljudmila with some pretty flowers in the Botanical Garden.

Jason and a banyan tree.

A passage in the garden ...

... made entirely of conch shells.

These red fruits were everywhere.

A bird in the Botanical Garden.

Ljudmila in front of a spiky plant.

"Tourist Tree" (the bark is red and peeling like the skin of sunburnt tourists).

What a crazy plant.

I bet an insect could hide in there.

These flowers must be on a diet to get so skinny.

Ljudmila hides behind a palm frond.

But Jason lets it all hang out.

This was our last sunrise in the Bahamas ... until next time.

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