Here are some photos from the trip Ljudmila and I took to Ljudmila's beautiful homeland: Bulgaria!
Ljudmila and Jason in the traditional town of Koprivshtitsa.

Jason feeding Ljudmila a Bulgarian pancake in Koprivshtitsa.

Ljudmila's sister Elia, Elia's husband Sergei, and Sergei's beautiful sister-in-law: LJUDMILA! (and a traditional "blue house" in Koprivshtitsa).

Jason and Ljudmila outside a Russian church near Shipka.

The two happy couples at the Hotel Etara (enjoying a tasty meal and a bottle of Bulgarian wine).

Jason straining to churn butter in the preserved village of Etara.

Jason and Ljudmila spying in Bozhentsi.

Ljudmila and Jason climbing around the ancient ruins of Castle Tsaravets.

Ljudmila and Jason posing in front of a chapel in Arbanassi (rhymes with "Albanese").

Ljudmila, Darling of the Bulgarian Stage! Outside the National Theater in Sofia.

The famous ancient theater of Plovdiv!

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