Here are some photos from the trip we took to Bulgaria!
Sitting in a Mehana near Pancharevo.

Posing with moja krasiva zhena at Pancharevo.

St. Alexander Nevsky church.

A beautiful white flower surrounded by beautiful white flowers. (I've used that line twice before, but I love the sound of it :)

On a wobbly bridge in Sandanski.

This is what Bulgrains do with a wine barrel after a long night drinking.

Ljudmila shot me unawares near a cave in Sandanski.

Lju and me in a field in Melnik.

The ruins of a church in Melnik.

A beautiful living room in a historical home of Melnik.

Ljudmila prepares to chug a barrel of Melnik wine.

Ljudmila's sister Elia and I polish off what Ljumila left behind.

Posing by the well of the winery.

The view of the historical home/winery from below the church ruins.

A typical street of cantilevered buildings in the Bulgarian village, Melnik.

Mare and foal.

Swallows' nests in Rozhen.

The monastery of Rozhen.

The sand cliffs of Rozhen.

Inside the monastery.

A bird's nest in the garden of the monastery. Can you spot the lizard?

Hand-carved chimes in a Rozhen mehana.

The family Kamenovi (except for photographer Ljudmila).

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