Moja krasiva godenica, Ljudmila and I visited the Berkeley botanical garden: here are some photos!

Cactus 2

Palm tree

Indiana Ljudmila and the Cactus of Doom

Orange flowers

Pretty purple flowers

Pretty violet flowers

Pretty purple and violet flowers

Wonderful White Ljudmila and the Wonderful White Flowers!

An amphibian

Pretty pink flowers

Pretty violet bush

My Blue Heaven

Two pink flowers

Pink bells

Jason, from the waist up

Two blossoming beauties

Ravishing Ljudmila and red, red roses

Beautiful Jason hiding in some flowers

Small and white, clear and bright

My lover on a spring afternoon

Pretty violet flowers 2

All I see is just a lemon tree

Beautiful maiden in a fairy-tale garden

Garden, sundial, pool and stepping stones!

Tallest cactus in the world

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