Here are some photos from the trip we took to Brazil!
Just hanging around.

Rio New Year's Eve ritual.

On New Year's Eve all the Cariocas dress in white (and also some Bostonians)

Ljudmila's turn to hand around

Coco Gelado (chilled coconut) kiosques in Copacabana

Hiking near Ipanema

Palm trees at Ipanema

Sitting and sipping a coconut

Do you see the little white bird?

One great egret and two anhingas

A great egret, Jason, and Corcovado

Of course that's not my purse!! (My purse is far more fashionable :)

In Rio, even the trees help you relax.

Lovely Ljudmila posing at IMPA.

The view of Rio from Vista Chinesa.

Jason, Eduardo and Nivaldo

Ljudmila, Jason and Nivaldo by the pagoda.

Meso do Imperador (The Emperor's Table)

One of the many maginificent birds of H. Stern

Corcovado from Morro da Urca

A copter ride around Rio

Downtown Rio from Morro da Urca

The bay from Morro da Urca

The car from Morro da Urca to Pao de Acucar (Sugarloaf Mountain). Don't look down!

Julio, Bianca, Ljudmila and Jason at the summit

Rio from Pao de Acucar

Monkeying around

Showing off its tail

Ljudmila and one of the magnificent birds of Amsterdam Sauer

A view of the ride from the base

The endless beach

My sugar and the Sugarloaf

The biggest floating electric Christmas tree in the world (as Eduardo points out, the ONLY floating electric Christmas tree in the world).

Parade of Palms in Jardim Botanico (the Botanical Gardens)

Lost in the lilies

Fruiting tree

Vines (I'm not sure if they're epiphytes or parasites)

Is the fisherman real or wood?

A fruiting tree with vines and epiphytes (well, maybe the vines are also epiphytes . . .)

Awesome tree

I carried that ridiculous pouch everywhere in Rio

Tangled trees

Rio's Rose Garden, and my beautiful white rose

The fountain at the heart of the garden

Two parrots on the fountain

A black squirrel in the garden


The fronds and the lilies

Inside the bromeliad house

This lizard was 2-3 feet long (and ran like a cheetah)!

A crowd of capivaras (much cuter than rodents in Boston)

Ljudmila rests on a petrified tree

The statue of Dom Pedro

The most well-behaved parishioners any priest could ask for

The little church near Catedral Metropolitano (the ENORMOUS church)

Catedral Metropolitano. The nave can hold 2000 people!

Edifico da Petrobras

Theatro Municipal

Another lovely building next to the theater

Convento St. Antonio

Confeitaria Colombo, Rio's most famous cafe (we had delicious cakes there)

Jason peeking out of the grotto in Jardim Botanico

Gazebo in the trees

A fountain in the garden

Ljudmila and a Jaca tree (Jackfruit tree)

Inside the orchidarium

At the middle of the orchidarium (but a wedding photographer made us move on after this shot)

A funky totem pole

Bromeliad leaves with very large fundamental group :)

Rings of flowers

The lilies here are almost as large as the palm trees

A tree with a very large fundamental group :)

Spreading in every direction

Spiky fruit on the spiky tree

Mangrove retreat

A beautiful flower

The bridge from Rio to Niteroi (seen from Corcovado)

Pao de Acucar from Corcovado

Christo Redemptor

Ljudmila posing with the statue

Museu Nacional (formally the Royal Palace)

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