These are photos we took during a visit by Ljudmila's sister Elia.

Ljudmila and Jason on campus

The Wang Center

Elia and the Stonybrookosaurus

A redberry bush

Elia in front of the Wang Center

Awesome ochre autumn

Ljudmila in Princeton

Cleveland Tower on a sunny autumn day

Princeton's campus

Ljudmila studying in her office

Fuld Hall

Elia in front of Fuld Hall

Ljudmila and a parallelepiped

The tall trees

Ljudmila in the woods

Ljudmila relaxing on her couch

Ljudmila in the Institute yard

Autumn's rainbow

A scenic drive

Princeton cobblestone cottage


Ljudmila brings a smile to everyone's face -- even the tree trunks!

Elia in front of a stately Princeton home

Cleveland Tower at Princeton University

The golf course (a fine walk, spoiled)

A swan at Stony Brook's Grist Mill Pond

"Leader of the quack"

This swan loves posing for the camera

Ducks resting in the sun

Red berries

Two shy (and too shy) ducks

Elia at the labyrinth. The statue of Prometheus is a memorial to Paul Simons.

The view of Grist Mill Pond from Avalon

A blast of color

This tree has a secret. Do you see it?

The path to the nature trails

Jason balancing on a log

Elia posing for the camera

An angel with a chilly nose

A red leaf caught in the branches

A fungus among us

A tangle of treelimbs

These trees are embracing.

An ochre cabin

And these trees are kissing :)

This spooky tree reminds me of a ghost.

More spooky trees

Ljudmila relaxes on her sylvan throne.

This trunk has seen better days.

A squirrel glares at the camera.

And then he rushes up the tree.

Elia and Ljudmila in front of the grapevines

Yes, there are wineries in Long Island.

This tree is dripping.

Jason playing it cool.

A lovely little home

The Black Pearl with Elf's Manhattan in the background

Purple berries

Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas

A bit of pumpkin patch in old Stony Brook village

Stony Brook is famous for its scientists (even the scarecrow variety).

Elia and a crow just hanging around.

The pumpkinification of Jack Sparrow

I hear this fixer-upper is on the market.

Cottony clouds

A pretty red tree in front of the Wang Center.

Elia posing next to the fountain.

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