These are photos which we took in the Fall of 2005.

Harvard's Memorial Hall

Vane glory

Lovely Lily Pad Pond

It's not "Rover" from The Prisoner. It's a tourist ballon on a foggy day.

The ghosts came out early this Halloween.

Sculpture from a cherry tree.

Silverware eagle.

The first (real) snow of the winter.

The butterfly collection at Harvard Museum of Natural History. And my most beautiful lady butterfly!

Even inside the glass flower collection, the leaves are changing color.

You never have to water them, and you don't have to spray for aphids. Glass flowers!

Glass cactii can still cut you.

A giant sloth attacks Ljudmila.

Stephen G. and the saber-toothed cat.

Indian summer sailing.

Longing for Longfellow Bridge.

Jason: all smiles and crazy hair.

MIT looks pretty from this side of the river.

Ducks relax on the sinking branches.

Ljudmila made me stand in shadows for this shot.

With lightning reflexes, Ljudmila snapped a gliding gull.

A model sailboat enthusiast.

This time, she let me come out of the shadows.

The Hancock building and Boston foliage.

All the leaves are brown, leaves are brown; and the sky is blue.

A squirrel, poised for action!

A little bridge along the Esplanade.

Greenery, dappled with brownery and yellowery.

A city for sailing.

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