Here are some photos from the fall of 2007.

Holy Holly!

Funny fungus.

We love the painted dandelions on the Eta Sigma Phi boulder at Stony Brook.

Even more wild than Jason's unkempt hair.

Lovely Ljudmila in front of the administration building.

A panoply of petals.

A birdbath. Can you spot the frog?

A lone red rose in a pink rose bush.

Jason smirks next to a mass of marguerites.

We don't know the names of these, but they are very pretty.

The Wang Center, the jewel of Stony Brook architecture.

I see ivy. (At least I think it is ivy.)

Hibiscus rose (makes me crave tea).

A plot of purple.


Colorful water lilies.

A beautiful terra cotta procession in the Wang Center.

One of the Australian Aboriginal paintings in an exhibition at the Wang Center.

Ljudmila bends a giant iron petal to her will.

Autumn erupting.

Red, white and blue, and velvet too.

Take a gander at this gander.

Berry, berry bright.

Avalon Park.

Autumn's palette

Jason drinks from a tree stump (or rather a sculpture that looks like a stump).

Hundreds of blue berries.

The petals are like little cups for catching the dew.

More bright berries.

All the shades on a single branch.

Back on University Heights Drive.

The trees are changing a bit later than usual this year.

Orange, red, yellow and green. A colorful dream :)

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