Here are some photos from Fall 2008.

The duck pond in Stony Brook village.

Red berries in Avalon park.

Jason staying cool.

Ljudmila smiles in her camoflauge jacket.

Jason on the rocks (shaken, not stirred).

Some pretty white blossoms.

I see i-vee!

Wild mushrooms.

A path in Blydenburgh park.

Stump Pond fringed by crimson, orange and green.

The clouds reflect in Stump Pond.

A tunnel of branches.

Jason's Halloween masterpiece.

Ljudmila's pumpkin.

A duck pond in Central Park.

Elegant street furniture in Central Park.

A flaming tree (figuratively speaking, of course).

Maple leaf mayhem.

The El Dorado overlooking the Central Park reservoir.

A trio of bears come to attention in the presence of Ljudmila Ursa Regina.

A squirrel chomps on an acorn.

Jason relaxes on a rustic bench in Central Park.

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