Here are some photos from Fall 2009.

A "hornbill of plenty" :)

Mr. Pumpkin hides from the Jack-o-lantern mob.

Jason pretending to be a two-headed ghost.

Ljudmila dancing with a scarecrow.

I would have pegged Oscar as the first to go slasher.

Awesome autumn flowers.

A bramble of berries.

Jason hanging out with the ghost family.


A garden in downtown Stony Brook.

Snoopy and Woodstock finally found the Great Pumpkin!

We get some big spiders round these parts.

My sister Amy snapped our picture by Mill Pond.

Amy, Wolfie and Ljudmila on campus (on family weekend).

Beautiful winter berries at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (aka Yasgur's Farm, aka Woodstock).

Dogwood at Woodstock.

Ljudmila daydreams of taking center stage.

Jason holds some hot cocoa (it was cooold!).

A memorial to the festival.

Ljudmila takes one last pose at Woodstock.

Elvis and Marilyn play nightly in Kingston, NY.

Kingston's Hoffman House dates to 1679.

Ljdumila poses in front of the stockade.

Some history of the stockade.

Jason poses in the Peace Park.

"The Four Corners" is the one place in the US where 18th c. houses stand on all four corners of an intersection.

Ljudmila poses at the 1676 Senate House.

Jason poses behind the Senate House.

The tiny bench is barely large enough for Jason.

Kingston's trolley bus.

Ljudmila really liked the stone lions on this house.

The Fire Department Museum

A lovely red bush.

The Old Dutch Church.

This tombstone in the Old Dutch Church yard dates to 1724.

Ljudmila poses in front of the church entrance.

A mason tombstone.

A much younger church.

A yellow tree and the spire of the Old Dutch Church.

A giant stained glass window.

Ljudmila poses at the Hudson River Maritime Museum.

Shelter from the storm.

An old steamboat at the museum.

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