Here are some photos from the fall of 2013.

We harvested this gigantic eggplant from our veggie garden!

Waiting in line for famous shakes.

This NYC buliding went on a diet.

Chenyang, Xiaowei and Jason on an evening walk along the "High Line".

Illuminated building in NYC.

Full moon in a window.

The Museum of Math in NYC.

A view of the Port Jefferson marina.

Ljudmila on the top of a Times Square building in NYC.

City in the clouds.

Jason enjoying the rooftop area.

Dilemmas: go putting or go for a chocolate treat.

Ljudmila and Izzet posing with a pink lady car.

A cute swan welcomed us on our vacation.

The view from our apartment in Puerto Rico.

A blue iguana.

Jason enjoying a walk in Club Cala.

Ljudmila at the harbor.

A picturesque view of the harbor.

Jason and Ljudmila on the beach.

Ljudmila hiding in the shade.

Supposedly, there are turtle eggs here.

Baby palms growing from the fallen coconuts.

Suddenly coconuts!

A close-up of a flowering baby coconut tree.


Jason waking up jellyfish in the Bioluminescent Bay.

Aerial roots of mangroves.

A colorful iguana.

Is this a pelican?

Rough surf in Puerto Rico.

A red-headed duck.

A white egret.

How many iguanas do you see?

A corkscrew palm.

Christmas cactus.

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