Here are some photos from the fall of 2014.

Jason and Ljudmila at Club Red.

NYC police officers.

Inside of the Trump Tower in NYC.

Ljudmila in a roof garden.

These buildings seem two-dimensional.

A steel globe at Columbus Circle.

Ljudmila at Times Square.

Part of the pavement in the Theater District.

"Pippin" was playing in the Music Box.

Grist Mill pond.

Avalon Park Labyrinth.

Jason taking a stroll in Avalon Park.


A variety of colors.

One of the bridges in Central Park.

The only yellow tree among the green ones.

Columbus Circle viewed from the Time Warner Center.

An autumn chocolate treat.

Festive gourds.

Jason enjoying his chocolate drink.

Ljudmila in front of a chocolate collection.

Look at the size of this crêpe!

Spooky trees.

Sunset in Lancaster, PA.

Houses in Dutch Country, PA.

Romanesco broccoli/cauliflower.

Autumn in Moscow.

The walls of the Kremlin.

Russian bread with decorations.

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