Here are some photos from Fall 2016.

Subway art in NYC.

Jason next to a mosaic in the metro.

So many pastries, which one to choose?

Jason in a spice store.

Jefferson Market Library, originally a courthouse.

A large mural in NYC.

Ljudmila next to a gargoyle in Elizabeth St garden.

Can you spot Ljudmila?

More murals.

Shepard Hall in CCNY.

Inside the NYC Public Library.

This building has a sailboat-like attachment.

An interesting clock in the Waldorf Astoria lobby.

Close-up of the clock.

St. Patrick's Cathedral surrounded by tall buildings.

Ljudmila in front of the cathedral.

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Christmas decoration.

Jason's new haircut.

Modern art.

Interesting building.

Is this a bear topiary with horns?

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