These are photos which we took during the hooding ceremony at MIT in June 2006.

April showers (and May showers in NE!) bring June flowers.

A bundle of beautiful blooms.

Jason and Ljudmila at the pre-hooding brunch.

Ljudmila receives her hood.

Jason poses with his beautiful Dr. Sweetheart.

Ljudmila looking very academic.

Ljudmila poses with Mike Sipser, our chair.

Marek and Ljudmila have a Koki-kai Aikido reunion.

Ljudmila poses with Bianca (who wears her mortarboard with a Brazilian flair).

Mariana, Reimundo, Bianca and Ljudmila. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Ljudmila, Mike Sipser and Ben Stephens (with a bag of swag).

We pilfered our own swag. Check out the beautiful MIT wafer!

Ljudmila and Stephen Gladyszak, the "Professor of Bridge" :)

Ljudmila shows off her elegant graduation gown.

Ljudmila at the party after commencement.

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