These are photos from a hike we took to Connetquot River Park Preserve.

Instead of a compass rose, it is a compass buck.

Connetquot park dates to the 1680s. This building is from the 19th c.

The old grist mill is from the 1750s.

Baby chipmunk!

Doe, a deer, a female deer.

Is this mushroom edible or inedible? Best not to try it.

Okay, nothing that bright is edible!

A gnarled, knobby tree

Hmm, if I was a bit hungrier I might give this mushroom a try (and probably end up with a stomach pump).

The river Connetquot

Can you spot one of the trout?

A berry bush where we had lunch.

Swans in the pond.

This rabbit munches grass in our backyard.

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