Here are some photos of my beautiful fiancee Ljudmila Kamenova. No, you can't have her, I got to her first :-)
Ljudmila with a Ghiradelli Cable Car

Ljudmila with her cuddly bear with scarf (trust me, Ljudmila is much more cuddly than the bear)

Ljudmila looking beautiful on a blustery Boston morning

Ljudmila with a show-off duck

Bow down before Ljudmila, Queen of the Gulls :)

Lovely Ljudmila and the Charles river

Ljudmila and the Charles Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Beautiful Ljudmila bundled up near Spy Pond on the Minuteman Trail

Ljudmila and Spy Pond II: The Wrath of Khan

Ljudmila and Spy Pond III: The Search for Spock

Moja godenica and I sitting on a couch

My beautiful fiancee next to a little Japanese garden

Ljudmila makes the "spooky tree" blossom!

Ljudmila and a fountain in Sproul plaza

Tres elegant Ljudmila on the night I "officially" proposed

Lovely Ljudmila in front of "Le Bateau Ivre"

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