Here are some photos from our trip to the Rose Garden in Boston :)
"Roses are red . . ."

"Roses are pink . . ."

"This is my poem . . ."

"What do you think?"

The sweetest flower in the garden :)

A rose smelling a rose.

This rose is "Mr. Lincoln" (seriously).

Ljudmila made me change into a yellow shirt on the spot for this photo.

So white, they seem to glow

Stylish, orange roses

A rainbow of colors
This rose hypnotized us in the garden.

Thanks to the anonymous stranger who snapped this photo!

A multitudinous melange of red, yellow and orange!

I made Ljudmila change shirts on the spot for this photo (much to the delight of the other visitors)!

I refused to change into a red shirt.

". . . and a flower in every pot." Haven't I used that line before?

These flowers remind me of candy (maybe saltwater taffy).

Flowing orange satin

The roses are as high as an elephant's eye (a pygmy elephant).

If you squint, you can pretend my shirt is white (I guess the joke is getting old).

Of course Ljudmila shows me up, by matching perfectly with the garden shed!

The "Machine" float on the way to Boston's Gay Pride Parade.

A photo after a trip to the Minuteman Trail.

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