Ljudmila and I visited San Francisco: here are some photos!
Jason the Sailor Man

Ljudmila on furlough from Alcatraz :)

Sealions, sealions, and more sealions

Ljudmila and the Transamerica Pyramid

The beach by the maritime museum

Russian Hill park

Jason in Russian Hill Park

Beatiful white flowers next to my beautiful white flower

San Francisco skyline with Coit tower

"The crookedest street in the world"

Little houses of ticky-tacky

Jason with his head in the clouds

The star of my eyes captured in the stone on my love's finger

My white/green love surrounded by white/purple flowers!

Marin headlands behind the tall, tall trees

Asian shrine by the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Penseur et poseur

Rodin's "Penseur"

Rodin's "Penseur" II

Jason as a knight

Ljudmila as Joan d'Arc

Departing view of the Golden Gate

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