These are photos which we took in the Spring of 2005.
The darling buds of May.

Stephen G. in front of Stata C.

Stephen in front of Killian Court.

Pink, pink and more pink.

. . . and more pink (baby pink, momma pink and papa pink).

Too, too many tulips.

Purple and red, in the flower bed.


An explosion of white and pink blossoms.

A delicate array of white and pink blossoms.

Shrubbery flowers (NEE!).

The ground is washed with white petals.

A neon display of red blossoms.

The dome behind a lilac bush.

An arbor in arms.

The trees of Building 2 (MIT Math Dept).

Violet violets.

A bouquet of smiles.

Ljudmila doesn't know the names of these flowers. Nyaah-nyaah!

But she knows the name of this one: Glass Pinwheel.

Postcard perfect.

Stephen's favorite tree in Lynnfield.

Ljudmila's favorite tree in Lynnfield.

Eastgate in blossom.

John Hancock to Prudential across the Charles.

Downtown Beantown behind the Esplanade.

Flying fish.

Ljudmila playing inside the aquarium.

Can you spot all the fishes ?

This funny fish is always hiding inside the clam.

A clown fish.

A peculiar shrimp with white whiskers.

A dark fish with a rash.

One fish, two fish, catfish, blue fish.

Ljudmila in front of a globe fountain.

My beautiful white flower holding a white flower.

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