These are photos which we took in the Spring of 2006.

Beautiful Daffodils.

A pretty red tree in front of a red-brick building.

Ljudmila in front of a magnolia tree.

A patch of yellow Crocus.

Jason between two pots of flowers.

A brilliant white tree in East Campus.

Beautiful Ljudmila and a Magnolia on East Campus.

A Magnolia tree by Building 26.

White flowering tree by Building 26.

White trees with green accents by the Broad Institute.

Our special Easter bread.

Buds of Spring.

A pot full of Violets.

White and pink petals on Memorial Drive.

View of Boston from the MIT Sailing Pavilion.

Lovely Ljudmila seated in front of Walker.

Ljudmila believes she is a squirrel.

Jason believes he is a tree trunk.

Ljudmila and a row of tulips.

Photo a-la-Elia :)

Jason waiting patiently under the magnolia tree.

Rhapsody in Pink.

A huge bee hiding in the flowers.

New buds and old fruits on the same tree.

Jason Fonzarelli in front of the yellow bush.

The giant green tree by the library.

This duck wandered onto MIT's tennis courts.

More beautiful pink buds and red fruits.

The green trees out of our apartment window.

Jason in front of a bright green tree.

A beautiful white flower in front of a beautiful white tree.

All of the leaves are red!

Brightly colored tulips.

A pretty tree in front of the Math Department.

Ljudmila's Alma Mater in a Spring outfit.

The ships are ready to sail inside the MIT museum.

Lilacs behind the Dome.

Stata Center on a sunny day.

A curious bird.

Various plants in front of the Green Building.

A shiny pink tree in East Campus.

Green and pink trees by the river.

Jason with his favorite mini-pet.

Stephen working on an engine at the MIT museum.

Glass pumpkins at the MIT museum.

Go faster, dude!

Ljudmila in front of her favorite petrified tree, looking for a petrified squirrel.

More signs of Spring.

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