Here are some photos from Spring 2007.

Purple crocus.

A painted goose egg from Taiwan.

Easter chocolates.

Steve G. balances in a stream.

The Bridge bungalow in Gatlinburg.

The fireplace in the bungalow.

Pretty white flowers.

Ljudmila and the cattails.

A bird-feeder city.

A bird-feeder metropolis.

Jason and some white flowers.

The tree of white flowers.

Robin redbreast.

A yellow bush.

White flowering tree.

Tiny blue flower.


Wildflower violets.

The newly painted Boys and Girls Club on Spy Pond.

A fuzzy tree.


A fuzzy bush.

Spying a blue house near Spy Pond.

Jason and a yellow hedgerow.

Rosehip bush.

Ljudmila and a yellow hedgerow.

An evergreen bush.

Fungus on a tree trunk.

Ljudmila relaxes on the Minuteman Trail.

A blue, starlike flower.

Pink blossoming tree.

Ljudmila and a blossoming magnolia tree.

Close-up of the magnolia tree.

Pink and white trees.

A magnolia sways in the wind.

Domesticated violets.

Ljudmila and a display of red tulips.

Jason is a bit pudgy.

Flowing flowers.

A tree of white flowers.

When Ljudmila poses the flowers glow brightly . . .

But when Jason poses, the flowers dim.

Ljudmila, Queen of the Ferry P. T. Barnum.

The other ferry boat (not the P. T. Barnum).

Jason, Clown of the Ferry P. T. Barnum.

The magnolia tree in our backyard.

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