Here are some photos from the spring of 2008.

Our first Spring flower, a cyclamen.

Pretty pattern on a cute crocus.

Colossal crocus mushrooming in our yard.

Ljudmila plays cowpoke in front of St. James General Store.

Violently violet.

Jason posing at the Orchid Show.

Orchid number 1 (out of 1000 -- the rest will be unnumbered :)

Belligerent bamboo. Just looking at this tree frightens me.

Orchid number ... Oh I said I wasn't going to do that!

Ljudmila in front of an orchid display.

Ljudmila and a double arch of orchids (an "archid").

Jason in front of some of his favorite orchids (all orchids are his favorites).

Bottle-brush tree.

Red Emperor "Prince" orchids.

Lady-slipper orchids.

These orchids were the emblem for the Orchid Show.

An overflow of orchids seen through a fan palm.

Another view of the purple orchids.

Ljudmila in front of a pagoda of orchids.

An orchid intermission -- cactus cornucopia.

Living stones. Can you tell the difference between the real stones and the stone cacti?

Fuzzy wuzzy was a cactus.

The only snow you will see in the cactus room is the fuzz on these cacti.

Can you figure out why these cacti are called "mammillaria"?

Is it a cactus or the love-child of a porcupine and a watermelon?

When Jason and Cactus Jim walk down the street, nobody messes with 'em.

Even a prickly pete has its flowery side.

Agave -- perfect for agave nectar and tequila.

Slithering snake-like cacti.

In case you wonder where prickly pears come from (no picking fruits in the Conservatory).

Intermission over -- back to the orchids.

A pretty red flower.

You can tell a tree is old when it grows a grey beard.

The epiphyte display in the Conservatory.

What is this thing?

But I know what this is -- a vanilla orchid (makes me hungry for ice cream).

More epiphytes.

These flowers remind me of baby chicks.

Orchid number 537 ... sorry.

Jason pondering the one piece of NY real estate he might be able to afford.

Inside the medicine-man hut is the secret of happiness: chocolate!

A red flower.

Ljudmila in a rainforest.

The hydrophyte room in the Conservatory.

Delightful danglers.

A beautiful waterlily.

These flowers were so neon green they almost glowed.

Take'us to the cactus.


Bamboo berries.

Many mini-orchids.

This plant defies description.

Spring wildflower.

Red and yellow daffodil.

Yellow pansy.


Ljudmila makes a flowery friend.

A pineconey frog.

Colossal colorful caterpillar.

Jason and the butterfly.

Blossoming pink tree.

On the way to Gatlinburg.

Ljudmila made some new friends.

Old McDonald had a farm.

Who wants to go along this log first ?

Here the river splits in two.

The only remaining part of an old house: the fireplace.

Where do these stairs lead to ?

The Smoky Mountains.

Pretty purple flowers.

Nice view from the picnic area.

Purple lacy trees.

Colorful tulips.

Our magnolia tree.

A prism of purple posies.

A pink carpet of petals.

A cluster of campanula.

Glossy pink flowers.

A cotton candy tree.

Bunny's breakfast.

Purple leaf sand cherry.

Octopus plant.

Star-centered daffodils.

Jason poses in the September 11th memorial.

Green hellebore flowers.

Pink flower tree.

Red and white flower tree.

Hot pink flower tree.

Light pink flower tree.

Ljudmila in a bamboo cage.

In Stony Brook the ivy turns pink in spring :)

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