Here are some photos from the spring of 2010.

Our tulips are starbursts of color.

Jason in the NY Botanical garden.

Lovely Ljudmila poses by a flowering tree.

This tree reminds me of cottonballs.

Jason sits on a stone sculpture.

These flowers are like little white bells.

A redbud tree.

This flower looks like it was made from red paper.

How many stamens and pistils does this tulip have?

My sweet flower Ljudmila is surrounded by red and white tulips.

Primula veris (Cowslip).

This pansy reminds me of crepe paper.

Bleeding hearts.

I am certain the garden sends artists around to paint these tulips :)

The Haupt Conservatory.

Purple Leaf Sand Cherry.

My Blue Heaven.

These Davenport Tulips are fuzzy.

A pointy tulip.

Green hellebore.

A topiary passion play.

Orange pansies.

Pansy violets.


One last pose from Jason.

Ljudmila was stunning in this Chinese silk dress.

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