Here are some photos from the spring of 2011.

A beautiful centerpiece.

Green-blue carpet.

Double chocolate pizza!

New York skyline near Union Square.

The Hudson River.

Jason posing with NYC behind him.

Green Wall at Queens University.

The best hot chocolate in Kingston.

Dainty flowers.

Jason braving his alergies.

Close-up of bell-shaped flowers.


Pretty but inedible.

Purple azalea.

Another species of daffodils.

White bush with tentacles.

Lovely Ljudmila striking a pose in front of a wall of daffodils.

Chocolate eggs.

Nadia and Ljudmila dyed eggs during our trip to Kingston.

Pretty pink tree in our neighborhood.

Blossoming magnolia.

Pink dogwod tree.

Luminous Ljudmila in front of a pink azalea bush.

Flower display on Memorial drive in Cambridge, MA.

White tulips.

Bubble sculpture at MIT.

Can you spot the "wind tunnel" ? (Hint: It looks like a spider web.)

Tulip arrangement.

The birds who built these nests studied at the Harvard School of Design.

Pretty pink roses.

Glittery sculpture at the Harvard Art Fest.

If you lost a glove this winter, you might check out this sculpture.

A golden rooster near Harvard Square.

Ljudmila getting friendly with the Commander.

Dogwood tree in the sky.

Pink azalea.


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