Here are some photos from the spring of 2013.

Our first flowers!

Some silly eggs and chocolate eggs.

Ljudmila with white flowers.

Here are some photos from a trip to Central Park.

Ljudmila strayed off the beaten path.

Ljudmila doesn't believe in the beaten path.

The frame harp: an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Can you spot the martenitsi?

Seriously Ljudmila, do you ever walk on the path?!

Jason is off the path; but that is allowed on this field.

Here are photos from our back yard and garden.

Our apricot tree is beginning to blossom.

We took some pretty photos from campus.

Where she treads, flowers blossom.

Ljudmila dances in the fountain -- when the water is off :)

Jason is tall, but not as tall as the pagoda.

Earthieeo's -- the breakfast of Galactus!

Part of the art exhibit at the Wang Center.

Ljudmila in front of the Social Sciences building.

Lovely Ljudmila at Avalon Park.

Here are photos from a trip to Montauk and East Hampton that we took with Phil.

Surreptitious photography.

Phil Webster snapped this photo of Jason and Ljudmila at Montauk.

Ljudmila's photo of the lighthouse.

Ljudmila sits on an antler bench in East Hampton.

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