Here are some photos from Spring 2016.

First flowers in NYC.

Daisies at Macy's.

Ljudmila playing chess in front of the Polish consulate.

The entrance of the French consulate.

The library ceiling at the French consulate.

The most photographed building in the world.

Inside of the Guggenheim museum.

The skylight of the Guggenheim museum.

Homotopy equivalence.

Magnolia tree.

Blossoming tree on campus.

"A tree grows in Brooklyn."

Mosaic of flowers.

Sakura Matsuri, the cherry blossom festival.

Close-up of cherry blossoms.

Ljudmila at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Jason at the BBG.

Pink and white petals.

White on blue.


Ljudmila on blue.

Armenian grape-hyacinth.


Tiptoe through the tulips.



Ljudmila with cherry trees.

A playful arrangement at the BBG visitor center.

A view of the Brooklyn bridge.

Baloon party on a roof.

Downtown Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge.

The Statue of Liberty seen through the Brooklyn bridge.

Downtown Manhattan.

A new skyscraper downtown.

A mural downtown.

Audrey Hepburn mural.

The New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Ljudmila at Spy Pond near Boston.

A white swan in Spy Pond.

A delicate white flower near the Minuteman Trail.

Jason at Helmand after a long walk.

Sidewalk art.

MIT's Stata Center.

Memorial Hall at Harvard.

The entrance of Memorial Hall.

Inside Memorial Hall.

Jason in front of the Harvard Law School.

Pooh's house sans Pooh.

Statue of "Industry" at Boston Common.

Following the Freedom Trail.

The MA State House.

The Episcopal Diocese.

Granary Burying Ground.

Tremont Temple.

Detail of the Tremont Temple.

King's Chapel.

Old City Hall.

The missing Benjamin Franklin Statue broke the concrete.

The once and future Benjamin Franklin Statue.

Jason and a donkey.

Ground for the opposition.

Old South Meeting House.

Old State House.

The golden eagle.


A unicorn!

East view of the Old State House.

Quincy Market.

Old North Church.

Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge.

Bunker Hill Monument.

The USS Constitution.

BW Suez Everett Cargo ship.

Trinity Church.

John Hancock Tower.

Old South Church.

Inside the Boston Public Library.

Interesting design on the ceiling.

The reading room.

The golden lobster.

Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House.

Lighthouse near New London.

Aloe in the owl.

Blossoming amaryllis.

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