These are photos which we took during the summer of 2006.

Purple polka-dotted poppy-eater.

A field full of daisies.

A crane trying to catch frogs in the pond.

A fancy water fountain.

Exotic plants.

A colorful plant.

More exotic plants.

A very well-behaved bird -- he keeps his place no matter what happens nearby.

Ljudmila in front of a pink bush.

A collection of butterflies.

A rainbow blooming from the bushes.

A vein of gold.

Jason supposes his toeses are roses, but Jason supposes erroneously.

Flowers frame a fence.

Starry night (hey, "Starr" is my name!).

This rose looks delicious (but the sign says not to eat the flowers).

Who needs fireworks on the Fourth of July. We can all come and watch the roses.

These roses can't make up their minds, so they are both white and red.

The loveliest rose in the garden!

Ljudmila and Jason in front of the garden.

A crimson tide in the Boston green.

Jason, showing a little tooth.

Purple haze all in my head.

It reminds me of Mike and Ike's candy.

Ljudmila stops and smells the roses.

Have you ever seen such a lovely sight?

The garden shed, framed by a prism of roses.

White roses, blue sky, Boston garden, good-bye.

Crops at Appleton's farm.

The farm house.

Farm tranquillity.

Green, green grass.

Postcard perfect.

Where is the crane ?

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