Here are some photos from the summer of 2012.

Table setting inspired by Jackson Pollock's art.

A real Jackson Pollock painting at the Met.

Theater in the round, and under water, at Universität Zurich.

The fountain at Universität Zurich.

The Cow Parade marches on! This one is from Zurich.

Is it a spider's web or a structural support? Artwork at the universität.

A lovely pond in the university courtyard.

Mentos, the Fresh Maker!

Stately homes of Zurich.

The library is enchanted!


Plants from our yard.

Dragonfly near our pond.

More plants.

Jason's colorful birthday cupcake!

Beautiful water lily growing in our pond.

And yet more flowers.

Eggplants in our vegetable garden.

Tasty cherry tomatoes.

Near the World Trade Center.

Hungry Ljudmila in front of Chelsea Market.

She found something to enjoy!

A mural inside Chelsea Market.

Paper lanterns fade into the distance.

One segment of Food Network Star was filmed here.

High Line, skyline, purple prose byline.

Ljudmila about to take a back flip onto an SUV.

Pyramids of the modern age.

Roof garden getaway.

"Lived in a brownstone, lived in a ghetto, I've lived all over this town."

Robot-stacked cars in an efficiency garage.

Somebody made some BIG pencil toppers!

"Clang, clang, clang" went the trolley — until they turned it into a park.

The buildings have caught the zebra disease, and it's contagious.

Inside the Metropolitan Museum.

Islamic Art Exhibit.

Kinetic Art.


Bounty picked from our veggie garden.

Two water lillies and the sound of a frog jumping into the water.

The bandit who ate our cauliflower.

Jason and Ljudmila in Old Field.

Fence made of buoys.

Old Field Point Lighthouse.

Puzzle pageant.

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