Here are some photos from the summer of 2015.

NYC skyline.

"China: through the looking glass" exhibit at the Metropolitam museum.

A dress made of porcelain.

Jane, Jason and Ian at the Metropolitan museum rooftop garden.

A beautiful view of NYC from the roof of the Metropolitan museum.

Faberge imperial eggs.

Impressive flower display.

The beginning of the Library Walk in NYC.

An excerpt from "Through the Looking Glass"

And here is the library.

Interesting graffiti art in Bulgaria.

A different kind of art: the golden mask of a Thracian king.

Ljudmila on an amusement park train.

A fountain in Kazanlak.

Ljudmila near the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak.


More sunflowers.

Ljudmila inside another Thracian tomb, the temple of Shushmanets.

Beautiful flowers growing nearby.

Hisarya's Late Roman city wall, the best preserved in Bulgaria, 2315 meters long (7595 feet).

Ljudmila posing next to part of Hisarya's Late Roman city wall.

A small gate in the wall.

The famous South gate of Hisarya's Late Roman fortifications.

Other well preserved Roman ruins are the Roman baths.

Some of the mineral springs in Hisarya are used for drinking water.

Ljudmila posing next to a fountain.

A blue kiddie train.

Ljudmila and Elia relaxing after a long day of exploring Hisarya.

Ljudmila inside the Thracian tomb in Starosel.

Ljudmila's cousins Ina and Reni made these beautiful flower arrangements.

Math building, Cambridge University, UK.

Betty and Gordon Moore Library.

The Newton Institute.

A geometric sculpture in front of the Newton Institute.

The view from Ljudmila's office at the Newton Institute.

Inside the library of the Newton Institute.

Go and chess sets.

The chapel of St. John's College.

The bridge of sighs at St. John's College.

Ljudmila in the court of Trinity College.

Statue of Sir Isaac Newton in Trinity College.

St. Bene't's Church, the oldest building in Cambridge, UK.

The Round Church.

Stephen Hawking used to work here in the early stages of his career.

Punting tour guide.

The grounds of King's College, Cambridge.

The Mathematical Bridge at Queens' College.

Another view of the Bridge of Sighs.

Magdalene Bridge.

Ljudmila in front of a giant fig tree.

Inside of King's College Chapel.

The organ pipes.

Beautiful windows.

Interesting clocks.

Inside Queens' College, Cambridge, UK.

The courtyard of Queens' College.

Queens' College Chapel.

London King's Cross railway station.

Catching the train to Hogwarts.

221B Baker Street, London.

Interesting building at Piccadilly Circus.

Her Majesty's Theatre.

Ljudmila in Trafalgar Square.

Buckingham Palace.

Big Ben.

Close up of the clock tower.

Victoria Tower.

The Buxton Memorial Fountain.

Two black-headed gulls in front of the Palace of Westminster.

The London Eye.

Interesting lamp post.

City of London Dragon.

The Shard skyscraper seen behind the Millennium Bridge.

The London Bridge.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Temple Bar Dragon.

The Royal Courts of Justice.

Interesting building near King's Cross station.

The departure concourse at King's Cross.

Ljudmila at St. John's College.

Flowery view of the Bridge of Sighs.

Bird's-eye view of King's College.

Market Square, Cambridge.

The city of Cambridge seen from the top of the Church of St. Mary the Great.

A well-deserved cup of hot cocoa after climbing to the top of the church.

Ljudmila in front of the Corpus Clock.

The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Newly discovered Michelangelo statues visiting the museum.

A beautiful collection, produced by James Cox, on loan from London.

The dining hall of Queens' College.

Can you find Ljudmila?

An intricate clock/calendar.

Masterfully maintained green wall.

Interesting and solid doors.

Inside St. John's College Chapel.

Back to Stony Brook, NY. At Olga and Sam's wedding.

Ljudmila dressed-up and ready to head to the reception.

Jason and Ljudmila at Lombardi's on the Sound for Sam and Olga's beautiful wedding reception.

Rob, Lee Yen and Ljudmila overlooking the sound.

Jason, Ljudmila, Misha Lyubich and Hannah.

Maksym and Jason.

This goldfinch is having a good time at the fountain.

Beautiful sunset.

Ljudmila on a sunny day in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

This Chocolate Flower really smells like chocolate!

Ljudmila in front of the water lily pond.

Lotuses after bloom.

A very interesting water lily.

A more common water lily.

Giant water lilies.

Magnificent tiger orchid.

Monarch butterfly.

Gourds everywhere.

Jason near the end of the trail in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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