Here are some photos from the summer of 2016.

The conference center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Bedlewo, a former castle.

A sculpture inside of the castle.

A dining hall and a ballroom.

Details from the ceiling ornaments.

Here is another castle in Kornik, Poland.

Coat of arms engraved in wood.

A wooden dragon!

This ceiling contains famous coats of arms from that region in the 19th century.

Winged Hussar armour from the 17th century.

Inside of the Poznan mall, i.e., Stary Browar shopping center.

Crumpled facade.

Inside of the Parish church in Poznan.

The organ pipes are impressive.

Dome ceiling.

View of the Parish church.

Tyler and Ljudmila in a goat fight! It ended in a tie.

Poznan Town hall.

Merchants' houses in the Old Market Square.

Interesting house on the block.

Zamek Cesarski, the Imperial Castle.

View from the castle's yard.

Monument to cryptologists Rejewski, Rozycki and Zygalski, who helped decipher the Enigma.

Rooftops in Poznan.

Bamberka fountain.

Bedlewo on a sunny day.

A nearby chappel with a stork nest.

Close-up of the storks.

Ljudmila in her cousins' flowershop in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Tall sculpture in the center of Sofia.

A monastery that we encountered during a hike in Bulgaria.

Jason resting in a cool place.

Jason and Ljudmila at a mountain house.

A giant snail house!

There are snail-shaped flower pots around the house.

Lavender fields near the mountain.

Jason near the Thracian tomb of Kazanlak.

The ceiling of the tomb.

Jason and Ljudmila near the entrance gate of Hisarya, a Thracian city which later became a Roman town.

Ljudmila and Jason near the city walls of Hisarya.

Very well preserved Roman ruins.

The barracks of the soldiers protecting the old city.

Remnants of the inner city buildings.

Roman thermal springs.

Side view of the thermal baths.

Jason in front of a Roman tomb.

Belfry of the St Nicholas Church in Karlovo, Bulgaria.

This sign indicates buildings in the old part of Karlovo.

The sign can also be engraved in the pavement stones.

Beautiful wooden ceiling.

A giant key.

Jason sitting down on a traditional Bulgarian sofa.

Ljudmila in an old traditional meeting/working place of the house.

Buhalov Inn, now a center for crafts.

Inside of Buhalov Inn.

Traditional Bulgarian pottery.

Jason and Ljudmila relaxing on the balcony.

View of the mountains around Karlovo.

Jason and Elia enjoying traditional coffee.

Street in Karlovo.

A 130 years old black poplar.

Swallow nest next to our room.

In Park Borisova Gradina, Sofia.

Back on Long Island, our plants are doing well.

A mural in Montreal.

Interesting installation in the underground mall in Montreal.

There was even an indoor train!

Ljudmila next to a musical fountain.

Jason in front of a mural inspired by native art.

Curious looking pastries in Montreal's Chinatown.

Ljudmila showing off her BeaverTail pastry.

A side view of the Notre-Dame Basilica.

Notre-Dame Basilica at dusk.

Jason waiting for his Korean lunch.

There was a Jazz festival while we were visiting Montreal.

Enjoying a fun dessert with Ian and Jane at Restaurant Europea.

Jason made a new friend in an Inuit gallery!

Ljudmila and Jason sharing the couch with a St. Bernard.

On the way back to Long Island we passed through Peru!

While we were driving there was a mysterious fog.

Ljudmila and Jason impressed by the fog.

Jason made a delicious corn souffle.

Pretty in pink.

A chocolate store across the street.

Jason in a NYC apartment.

Enjoying a lunch at Morimoto's restaurant.

Ljudmila in front of the Washington Square Arch.

St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC.

The Fuller Building.

A skyscraper on Beacon Ct.

Ljudmila in front of Le Cirque.

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