Returning to Boston from Rio, there was a blizzard in Boston. So we took a train trip from Washington D.C., to Boston (after the firefighters extinguished a small fire in Union Station). Here are some photos of the trip and the aftermath of the blizzard.
A frozen lake

A lone truck at a snowy crossroads


A bridge over frozen waters

The tracks are buried in snow, but the trains keep rolling

Icicles grow out from the hub of the train wheels

The New York skyline at sunset

Glass and wires in Stamford, Connecticut

Frozen playground (with snow pyramids on the jungle gym)

Dude, where's my car?

Buried buoys

Boston across the frozen Charles

Birds flock on the frozen river

Foolhardy people cross the frozen river each year (and sometimes they fall in!)

Icicles on the BU Boathouse

Even in the snow, the geese still flock by the BU Bridge

A fat squirrel darts across a branch

Can you spot Harvard? The view from Eastgate's penthouse

The view of the Charles from the penthouse

Boston from the penthouse

The pattern of freezing

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