Here are some photos from my wedding! Thanks to my sister Amy for her camera-work.
Ljudmila's family: sister Elia, mother Snezhka, father Kamen, and brother-in-law Sergey in the background (from left to right).

The happy couple!

The wedding march (dum-dum-de-dum . . .)

Taking our vows.

I'm holding her hand so she can't run away!

Ljudmila putting the ring on my finger (with some help from Hon. Rev. Dennis James Robinson).

Ljudmila and I share a sip of wine.

Shannon being a good sport and downing the glass :)

A kiss to launch a lifetime!

We are now man and wife (and I have lipstick on my mouth).

A lovely placesetting.

A lovely wedding cake.

Some of our friends: Ivan, Nadia, Frederic, John, Andrew, Christina, Michael, Elke, and Amy (Johan, Cathy, and the other Michael are missing from this shot).

Cutting the cake (all apologies to the pastry chef).

Crossing the threshold!

And that's where the photographs stop!

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