Here are some photos from our trip to Westbury gardens in August, 2009.

Lovely Ljudmila on the lawn.


Jason is a scruffy-looking nerf-herder.

Ljudmila in front of thatched cottage (the children's playhouse).

A rose garden maze.

A dodeca-sundial (with a lion on top).

Two peacocks with shrubbery for plumes.

Lovely copper roses on this blue gate.

Brightly colored flowers.

Lovely Ljudmila and the lilies.

Ochre koi and lilies.

Jason in the middle of a garden.

Pretty pink petals.

Tall purple flowers.

The garden gate.

Ljudmila is the prettiest flower in the garden.

Ljudmila knocks on the woodsman's door.

My backyard doesn't look like this!

The shell mosaics by the mansion pool.

Call the exterminator, I think there's a wasp nest.

Jason calls to Ljudmila from the Temple of Love.

(Scene was deleted by censors.) Can you see the Westbury mansion?

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