These are photos we took during the mild winter of 2006.

Our Christmas tree (er, Christmas poinsettia).

It's Ljudmila's birthday, but how old is she? No, the answer's not 13.

A Christmas egg, some lovebirds and an anniversary heart.

These gifts flew to Ljudmila's friends.

A Christmas sleigh in Stony Brook Center.

A snow-cone man.

Ljudmila and a Christmas tree.

The Christmas display in Stony Brook's dance studio.

Giant blue snowflakes.

This is the "March of the Penguins" tree.

Jason cannot decide between these two trees.

A very colorful tree.

Pretty ornaments.

Candy cones and pine canes tree.

What happened to their bodies! Snowman tree.

A beautiful, classic tree. And a beautiful, classic Ljudmila.

Ljudmila couldn't resist eating the candy canes.

Enough nutcrackers to shell an almond orchard.

A seagull poses in Stony Brook Duck Pond on Christmas morning.

Ducks, gulls, geese (and swans hiding off camera).

This is part of our fancy Christmas dinner.

Red berries in Princeton.

Stephen Gladyszak and Albert Einstein.

Stephen studying geometry in Ljudmila's office.

Not your typical winter postcard.

Stephen G. in front of Fuld Hall.

European scene on Nassau Street.

Bell tower in Princeton.

A castle among dorms.

And this little squirrel went for a snack.

Stephen pretending to have graduated from Princeton.

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