Here are some photos from the winter of 2012.

His Honorable Nibs, Lord Royal Coil.


These vandals are trying to saw down the subway pillars!

Jarring Jack-o-Lanterns at the Manhattan Fruit Exchange.

An angry eagle eats an apple.

Apples are a favorite fruit in this eyrie.

Camoflauge Chrysler.

Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas.

A private island in Nassau.

This curious pigeon wanted to move in with us.

Jason takes a break from proofreading.

Ljudmila, Queen of the Kayak!

Tropical flower in front of our hotel.

Ljudmila bumps fists with the Tortuga Buccaneer.

The Christmas trees grow tall in Nassau (must be the tropical sun).

Leapin' Lizards!

Here's another one (the lizards are everywhere).

Ljudmila hunts for shade in The Retreat.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a plant.

Can you guess what type of undead plant this is?

That's right: a Zombie Palm!

Children, this is the plant that grows candy corn.

The spiders in Nassau are big and mean; they weave wrought iron!

Ljudmila lounges after a long walk.

Jason poses near the Pergolas.

Little Green Villains end up in Little Green Hell.

Ljudmila waits for rescue from the Little Green Hell.

It looks like this palm caught a rash.

Beautiful flowers.

A cycad near the hotel.

Photobombed by a seagull.

Ruddy Turnstone.

Ljudmila, Volunteer Lifeguard.

Kitesurfer off Cable Beach.

Ljudmila tempts fate at the farthest buoys.

The rainbow at the end of our holiday.

Traditional costumes in the Nassau Airport.

Jason is dressed for a heist.

"Have a Wild Holiday" Christmas tree.

Holiday train display.

Ljudmila sends her list to the North Pole.

Colorful Christmas Tree at the Stony Brook Post Office.

The Candy Cane Village in our neighborhood.

The winter arrived! We couldn't find the driveway under 3 feet of snow!

Good luck to the mailman getting to our mailbox.

Our fish pond is underneath this pile of snow.

The bird house has a new fashionable cap!

Can you find the swimming pool ?

We found the car!

The snow reached to the windows of the house.

Brave Jason clearing a path from the house to the street.

Jason making progress in the battle against snow.

Jason won the battle! ☺

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