Here are some photos from the winter of 2014.

Our first place prize for a guessing game at the SCGP party.

Schlumbergera plant, also called Christmas Cactus.

Jason on a cool December day.

Ljudmila is taller than a tree.

Christmas tree ornaments.

More decorations.

This reminds me of Platform 9 3/4.

Ljudmila in front of a NYC tree.

Jason and Ilya enjoying Thai food in NYC.

Christmas decorations in NYC.

Picture perfect.

Ljudmila in front of Rockefeller Center.

Swarovski Star.

Winter scenery.

Vegetarian sushi in NYC.

Song Sun, JingZhou Sun and Yu Zeng preparing for the Chinese New Year Party at our house.

Gradually more people arrived.

David and Cristian.

Making the dumpling shells.

These dumplings are ready to be boiled.

JingZhou Sun and Zheng Zhang.

Many people in our kitchen.

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