Here are some photos from the winter of 2016.

A giant tree in the Dolphin Hotel.

A decorated tree in Orlando.

View from the boardwalk.

A curious bird.

Mickey Mouse brownie.

And even a Mickey Mouse waffle.

Jason and Ljudmila won this candy jar at the holiday party! Thanks, SCGP!

Ljudmila on her birthday. Happy B-day!

Ljudmila in front of Danford's fireplace and diorama.

Ljudmila posing with Danford's Christmas tree.

Happy holidays from Jason!

Night view of Montréal.

Montréal is beautiful anytime of the year.

View from the UQAM Science Centre.

Nice decor in a Singaporean restaurant in NYC.

Lining up to see Cats at the Neil Simon Theatre.

The stage for the musical Cats.

Ljudmila posing with a mural for Cats.

Make-it-yourself Chinese postcard.


Schlumbergera, also knowns as a Christmas cactus.

Our first snow.

This is the progression of our "hatching raptor candle".

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