Complete List of Papers

The 1996 International System Dynamics Conference

Complete List of Papers to be Presented

Including Links to Papers Available on the World Wide Web

Ackere, Ann van
Peter Smith

A System Dynamics Approach to Analysing National Health Service Waiting Times

Adibroto, Tusy A.
Prasetyo Sunaryo, Hary Budiarto
Application of System Dynamics on Watershed Management on Java Island, Indonesia

Akkermans, Henk
Jac Vennix
Clients' Opinion on Group Model-Building: An Exploratory Study

Alanne , Prikka-Matti P.
Anil B. Jambekar
Putting Systems Thinking to Use: A Case Study

Alexander, William
Efficiency in Sustainability - Sustainable Life Styles in Karala

Alfeld, Louis Edward
Dynamic Simulation of Rural Social and Economic Interaction

Alfeld, Louis Edward
Robert M. Sholtes
The Industrial Base Analysis Model (IBAM)

Anderson, E. G.
N.R. Joglekar
Modeling the Dynamics of Technological Ramp-up within Firms
Andrade Sosa, Hugo Hernando
Jaime Daniel Mejía Castro, Ricardo Vicente Jaime Vivas, Jose Alberto Pinto Mantilla
Microwords: A System Dynamics Application in Learning Keynesian Macroeconomics

Andrade Sosa, Hugo Hernando
José Cabrera, Alvaro Ramirez
Re-building Knowledge by Assumption of Complexity with System Dynamics - a Case in Polymerization Process Engineering

Antunes, Maria Paula
Rui Santos, Nuno Videira
The Impact of Environmental Policy in Firms Behavior: A System Dynamics Approach

Aronson, Daniel
Walking Through the Minefield: How System Thinkers Avoid Fallacies of Perception and Action

Arquitt, Steven
A System Dynamics Analysis of the Sustainability of the Shrimp Aquaculture Industry in Thailand

Arthur, William B.
Robert L. Eberlein
Sensitivity Simulations

Barlas, Yaman
Asli Ozgokmen
A Dynamic Simulation Model for Strategic Quality Management

Barlas, Yaman
Vedat G. Diker
Decision Support for Strategic University Management: A Dynamic Interactive Game

Barlas, Yaman
Ayse Aksogan
Product Diversification and Quick Response Order Strategies in Supply Chain Management

Barron, Antonio
A Model of Simulation for New Services of Telecommunication Partially Substituting

Barton, John
A Contemporary Masters Program in Systems Thinking and System Dynamics

Barton, John
A Framework for Addressing Contemporary Management Problems

Barton, John
Purnandu Mandel
A Policy Model for a Retail Water Company in Australia

Bave, Eric
Recycling on building materials

Bell, Gary A.
J. O. Jenkins
A Proposed Project Management Cost Modelling Taxonomy

Bell, Gary A.
J. O. Jenkins
Improving the Ownership of System Dynamics Project Management Models

Benassi, Mario
Roberto Berchi
Modularization of the Enterprise and System Dynamics Models An Application to the Explication of Suggestions from the Shops

Benigno, Edwin
A Model of the Rice Postharvest System in the Philippines

Bernstein, Dan S.
Global Change Education

Bespolka, Carl G.
James M. Lyneis, Kimberly S. Reichelt
Calibration Statistics for Life-Cycle Models

Bianchi, Carmine
Alfredo Moscardini
Budget Formulation, Unpredictability and the Use of System Dynamics as a Coordination and Learning Mechanism in Regional Government Management

Bianchi, Nicola
Mauro Piattelli, Luca Minna
Notes on Conceptual Distance in Simulation using the Polis Model as a Basis for Discussion

Bickle, Bruce
Bernard McGarvey
Application of Dynamic Modeling to a Solvent Recovery Area at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

Boorstein, Allen
Andrew Smith
A Systemic Approach to System Dynamics Education

Boucher, Adrian
New Approaches to Learning and Teaching: Student-Centered Modeling with Visually-Oriented Simulation Packages

Bridgeland, David
Dorothy Yu
A Management Flight Simulator for Strategy Communication and Organizational Alignment

Bunn, Derek
Isaac Dyner
Development of a Systems Simulation Platform to Analyze Market Liberalization and Integrated Energy Conservation Policies in Columbia

Campos-Lopez, Enrique
Enrique Campos-Nanez, Gabriel Siade-Barquet
Using a System Dynamics Model for Dissemination of Technological Policies Among Industry

Carena, Augusto
Embedding SD Models into an Assessment Center

Carena, Augusto
Dharma Srl
Mass Learning: An Application of System Dynamics

Cavaleri, Steven A.
James A. Thompson
Assessing the Efficacy of Microworlds for Promoting Systems Thinking

Cecchini, Arnaldo
Generalized Urban Automaton: Local vs. Global Models

Cloutier, L. Martin
Steven T. Sonka
Randall E. Westgren
Linking the Firm to Its Environment: A System Dynamics Approach

Cole, Vera J.
M. K. Hughes
Using System Dynamics to Determine the Return on Investment in Engineering Information Technology

Colemann-Kammula, Seetha
A Study of the Manpower System of a Shell R and D Laboratory

Coyle , R. G.
C. J. Miller
The Strategic Dynamics of Counter-Insurgency Warfare

Crespo Marquez, Adofo
Rafael Ruiz Usano, Jose Manuel Framinan Torres, R. Zubiria
The Pull Control Systems: A System Dynamics Perspective

Daneke, Gregory
Systemic Choices and Sustainable Development

Davidsen, Paul I.
Transferability of Model-based Insights in Scandanavian Mink Farming

de Kok, Jean-Luc
H. G. Wind
System Dynamics as a Methodology for Sustainable Coastal-Zone Management

Despotakis, Vassilios K.
Maria Giaoutzi
Spatial Modeling of Urban Dynamics

Deweese, Michael R.
Decision Making in a Small School District: A Case Study Employing Principles of Systems Thinking and iThink

Diehl, Ernst
Proactive Maintenance and Reactive Repair

Doyle, James K.
Michael J. Radzicki, W. Scott Trees
Measuring the Effect of of Systems Thinking Interventions on Mental Models

Drew, Donald R.
Allan D. Chasey, Jesus M. de la Garza, Wonkyu Kim
System Dynamics Model of a State Highway Management System

Drew, Stephen
Peter Smith
Competitive Advantage Through Knowledge Management: A System Dynamics Approach

Duncan, Richard C.
The Mexican Petroleum 'Play' in Two 'Acts': Taking Hold of Oil Production Data

Dyner, Isaac
Derek W. Bunn
Development of a Systems Simulation Platform to Analyse Market Liberalisation and Integrated Energy Conservation in Colombia

Eberlein, Robert L.
James H. Hines
Molecules for Modelers

Elg, Fredrik
An Approach for Understanding Learning and Decision Making in Complex Dynamic Systems

Eloy, Gilbert
Use of Business Simulation for Strategic Thinking at IBM

Farris, Paul W.
William J. Verbeke, Peter R. Dickson
Modeling Evolutionary Effects of Path Dependencies in Markets

Ford, Andrew
Amy VanderKooi
The Idagon: A Window to the West?

Ford, David N.
J. D. Sterman
Dynamic Modeling of Product Development Processes

Forrester, Nathan
A Hard Look at Social Security

Fowler, Alan
Simulation's Evolving Role in Management

Franko, Douglas
Partial Differential Dynamics

Fukuda, Atsushi
Hironori Suzuki, Takahiro Kojima, Shigeru Koyama
Demand Forecasting System for suburban Railway Project Using System Dynamics and Geographical Information System

Fukuda, Atsushi
Yoshio Hanzawa, Ryoichi Ebisawa
Traffic Engineering Class for Technical College Students using STELLA

Gang, Xiang
Li Linhong
A System Dynamics Model for an Enterprise's Sustainable Innovation Process

Garcia-Ochoa, Fernando Gascon
Reputation in Banking and Deposit Insurance: the Dynamics of Borrowing and Lending under Regulation

Gary, Shayne
Chris Charyk
Using Groupware Technology to Facilitate Team Model Building and Learning

Genta, Peter J.
Neville Sokol
A Microworlds of Explanation and Development: Creating a Learning Labratory for the Oil & Gas Industry

Genta , Peter J.
Do System Dynamics Models Work? Revisiting a Model of the Boston Housing Market

Genta , Peter J.
Greg Hennessy, Truett Enloe, Don Kay
Navigating Uncharted Waters by Simulating the Rapids: Using Computer Simulation to Bridge System Thinking to Scenario Plannning (withdrawn)

Georgantzas, Nicholas C.
Reengineering Business Process with System Dynamics

Georgantzas, Nicholas C.
Stephen H. Brovarone
Reengineering High Sulfur Fuel Oil Marketing

Grcic, Branko
Ante Munitic
System Dynamics Approach to Validation

Groessler, Andreas
Providing Simulation Models on the Internet

Grossmann, Martin
Designing Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Growth for Biotechnology Companies

Groth-Andersen, Claus
Heather A. Hazard, Christian Kampmann
R&D Investments and Dynamic Competitive Strategy: a Management Flight Simulator and Case from the Danish Hearing-Aid Industry

Guerra, Juan Hernandez
Studies of a Model of Entrainment Between Economic Cycles

Guthrie, Scott
Diana Fisher
Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in the CC-STADUS High School Project

Roger Hall
M. P. Gupta
Using Corporate system Model of a Firm to investigate the feedback dynamics Leading to growth, Decline and bankruptcy

Haslett, Tim
Local Decision Rules: Complexity or Chaos?

Haslett, Tim
Three Simulations for Teaching Systems Thinking

Herrmann, John F.
John L. DeOlden
A Flight Simulator for University Department Planning

Higuchi, Tohru
Parameter Estimation Involved to System Dynamics Model by Multi-Objective Optimization Technique

Hines, James
Modeling the Evolution of Organizations

Hines, James H.
Competitive Dynamics: Context, Model, Outcome, and Ongoing Use

Homer, Jack
Fred Nichols
Enterprise Modeling at ETS: Highways and Biways

Hoxsey, Kent
Matthew Mayberry, Carl Rendell, Kerry McCracken
Using Systems Thinking and Simulation to Re-engineer Manufacturing Processes at Silicon Graphics

Hsiao, Naiyi
Evaluating the Policy of Stratospheric Ozone Protection - a System Dynamics Modeling Approach

Huz, Steven
David F. Andersen, George P. Richardson, Roger Boothroyd
Evaluating Group Modeling Building in Mental Health Vocational Services

Jambekar, Anil B.
A System View of Design Engineering Capacity: Continuous Improvement Policy Interaction

Jonas, Wolfgang
Systems Thinking in Industrial Design

Jordao, Luis
M.P. Antunes, R.F. Santos
Reactive vs. Proactive Corporate Environmental Management: a System Dynamics Learning Environment

Joy, Timothy
Crime and Astonishment

Kallenberg, Robert
Charles H. Fine
Analysis of Business Cycles in the U.S. Machine Tool Industry

Kampmann, Christian E.
Shifting Loop Dominance and Business Fluctuations

Kampmann, Christian E.
Eric Mosekilde
Shifting Loop Dominance and Business Fluctuations

Karsky, Michel
Stephane Copin, Sonia Pitrach
The Implementation of a Large System Dynamics Model of Human Behavior

Kim, Doa Hoon
Dong-Hwan Kim
How Heuristic are Heuristic Decision Rules in a Dynamic Game?

Kim, Dong-Hwan
Dynamics of Networks: System Dynamics Model for Network Externality and Critical Mass

Klein, Martin
Factors of Success of Technology-Oriented Competitive Strategies

Koenig, Ulli H.
Use of Simulation in Management and Management Education - Speeding up the Wheel of Learning?

Koerstein, Ralf
Bernd Viehweger
Evaluation of Neural Networks via Generic Modelling using System Dynamics

Kreutzer, W. Brian
A Design Cycle for Producing Usable Management Flight Simulators

Kreutzer, W. Brian
The Market Flight Simulator

Kumar, K. Vizaya
K. R. Divakar Roy
Environmental Management of an Iron and Steel Company: A System Dynamics Approach

Kumar, K. Vizaya
Anil Kumar Thacker
Studying Demand Potential and Manpower Policies Using System Dynamics - a Case Study of Indian Software Industry

Kunsberg, Philip
An Interactive Simulation of a Manufacturing Enterprise: Preliminary Observations

La Roche, Ulrich
From Industrial Dynamics to Business Dynamics?

Lane, David
Can We Have Confidence In Generic Structures?

Langley, Paul
John Morecroft
Learning from Microworlds Environments: A Summary of the Research Issues

Lao, HongMou
Energy Capacity Management for the Industrial Sector of Zhejiang Province in China: a System Dynamics Model

Larsen, Erik R.
Alessandro Lomi
The Dynamics of Organizational Inrtia, Survival and Change

Lehmann, Frank
A Systems View of the Design of Modern Manufacturing Systems

Lopez Paredes, Adolfo
Alfonso Redondo Castan, Ricardo del Olmo Martines
The Spanish Glass Container Maker: A Model of Strategic Planning in a Firm

Lux, Nan
Kids Using System Dynamics (withdrawn)

Lyneis, James M.
Alexander L. Pugh III
Automated vs. 'Hand' Tuning of System Dynamics Models: An Experimental Analysis

MacDonald, Roderick H.
Discrete Versus Continuous Formulation: A Case Study Using Coyle's Aircraft Carrier Survivability Model

Macedo, Julio
An Intelligent System Dynamics Based controller for Fuzzy Managerial Systems

Machuca, Jose A. D.
Miguel A. Domingo Carrillo
Transparent-Box Business Simulators versus Black-Box Business Simulators: an Initial Empirical Comparative Study

Madachy, Raymond
Modeling Software Processes with System Dynamics: Current Developments

Madwed, Albert
Systems Thinking for K-12 Teachers: a New Course at the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions, Fairfield University

Mahanty, B.
V.K. Rai, A. Bansal
Risk Analysis in Software Project Management

Maier, Frank
Juergen Strohhecker
Do Management Flight Simulators Really Enhance Decision Effectiveness?

Maier, Frank
Substitution Among Successive Product Generations - An Almost Neglected Problem in Innovation Diffusion Research

Mandal, Purnendu
Amrik S. Sohal
Modeling Quality Improvement Processes

Mandal, Purnendu
Amrik S. Sohal
Understanding Long Term Interactions in Fabricated Metal Manufacturing Industry: A Case

Mashayekhi, Ali N.
Oscillation in Preventitive Maintenance Programs

Milling, Peter
A Management Simulator to Support Group Decision Making in a Corporate Gaming Environment

Mohapatra, Pretap K.J.
Deepanjan Ganguly
SDGame - A Software Platform for Designing and Playing System Dynamics-Based Management Games

Moizer, Jonathan D.
Safety Knowledge and its Influence over Accidents in the Workplace

Mojtahedzadeh, Mohammad
David F. Andersen
Assessing the System-wide Impacts of Automated Voice Response Customer Service Technologies

Mollona, Eduardo
The Dynamics of Organizational Heuristics and Biases in Corporate Strategy

Moon, Tae Hoon
Deuk Jong Bae, Doa Hoon Kim, Dong Whan Kim
Comparing Strategies for Builidng Korean Information Infrastructure Using a System Dynamics Model

Morecroft, John
A Behavioural Model of Diversification and Performance in a Mature Industry

Morita, Michaya
Nobhide Tanaka
Linkage Structures and Trade-off of Competitive Measures

Moxnes, Erling
Crisis Management of a Renewable Resource

Moxnes, Erling
Stochastic Optimization in Policy Space Using Simulation Models

Munitic, Ante
System Dynamics Simulation A-B-C-D Model of the Process of Self-Organization System

O'Brien, Patrick J.
Global Sales Performance System (withdrawn)

Oleson, Ted
Glen Atkinson
Regional Planning and Urban Dynamics

Oliva, Rogelio
Empirical Validation of a Dynamic Hypothesis

Olugbenga, Fanasu Francis
The Dynamics of Bank Management in a Developing Economy

Parayno, Phares P.
Poverty-Environment Links in the Philippines

Park, Hun-Joon
Jinwoo Kim, Kuen S. Yi, Kiho Jun
Enhancing the Performance in Dynamic Decison Making: The Adaptive Model Reconstruction Using Feedforward vs. Feedback Decision Strategy

Patil, S. R.
S. V. Ramanan, P.K.J. Mohapatra
Strategic Planning for Customer Services in an Information Technology Firm using System Dynamics

Qu, Weishuang
Gerald O. Barney
Jos Verbeek
Refining the Financial Sector of the Threshold 21 National Development Model

Radzicki, Michael
The Dynamics of the Zero-Emission Vehicle Industry

Ramasehan, Ram
Mahendran Maliapen
System Dynamics Approach to Market Modeling

Repenning, Nelson
Modeling the Failure of Productivity Improvement Programs

Rios, José Pérez
Markus Schwaninger
Integrative Systems Modeling: Overcoming the Boundaries of SD and MNT

Roberts, James C.
The Structure of Structural Violence

Rockart, Scott
Liz Krahmer, Roland Franke
Carbon Sequestration in Costa Rica

Rodrigues, Alexandre J.G.
Terry Williams
System Dynamics in Project Management: Assessing the Impacts of Client Behavior in Project Performance

Rodrigues, Alexandre J.G.
Terry Williams
System Dynamics in Software Project Management: Towards the Development of a Formal Integrated Framework

Roos, Egbert
Paul van der Meer
System Dynamics Modeling: A Case Study from the Software Industry

Root, Gus
Grant McGiffin
They will Learn What They See Others Doing

Rothman, Joanna
Applying Systems Thinking to the Issues of Software Product Development

Rouwette, Etienne
Jac Vennix
The Influence of Group Model Building on Policy Intentions

Roy, Rahul
Pratap K.J. Mohapatra
Estimating the Variance of Simulated Population Size in a System Dynamics Model through its Equivalent Markov Process

Roy, Santanu
P.S. Nagpaul, Pretap K.J. Mohapatra
Quasi-quantitative Measurement Issues in Modeling Soft Systems in System Dynamics

Ruiz Usano, Rafael
Jose Manuel Framinan Torres, Adofo Crespo Marquez, R. Zubiria
System Dynamics and Discrete Simulation in a Constant Work-in-Process System: A Comparative Study

Ruth , Matthias
Exploring Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Economic Exchange: A System Dynamics Approach

Ryan, Thomas
A Peircian Framework for Using System Dynamics Modeling in Management Inquiry

Ryzhenkov, A. V.
The Origins of Endogenous Cyclical Growth

Saeed, Khalid
The Organization of a Learning Organization

Sahara, Kanji
Kinya Machida, Nobuyuki Suzuki
Environmental Model of Atmosphere - from Japan Model to East Asian Countries

Santoni, Marco
A Simulation Model for the Behaviour of Innovative Companies

Sastry, Anjali
Madness in the Method? Reexamining an Influential Model of Organizational Learning and Adaptation

Sedehi, Habib
Carmine Bianchi
A Winery Dynamic Model for Product Portfolio Management

Sedehi, Habib
SYDIC - System Dynamics - Italian Chapter

Shafto, Sylvia A.
CJ Kalin, Michael G. Shafto
Cognitive in Instructional Issues in System Modeling

Shawwash, Ziad K.
S.O. Dennis Russell
Use of System Dynamics for Managing Water in Jordan

Sitompul, Rislima F.
Muhammad Tasrif
A System Dynamics View of the Rural Community Development in Indonesia

Smith , Ricardo
Santiago Montoya, Carlos Jaime Franco, Isaac Dyner
Assessing the Dynamics of Energy Markets Under Liberalisation Process

Smits, Cyprian A.
E. J. Verroen
A System Dynamics Model for Long Term Travel Demand Forecasting and Policy Analysis

Sotaquira; G., Ricardo
Hugo Andrade S., Lilia Gelvez P.
Organizational Design with System Dynamics and Radical Change Approach

Sreesai, Surasit
Water Shortage and Irrigation Policy: The Case of Phitsanulok Irrigation System

Sridharan, Sanjeev
Can Vector-Autoregression Methodology Help In An Understanding of the Causal Dynamics of the Unemployment-Crime Relationships?

Stave , Krystyna A.
Redefining Resources: A Systems Perpective on the Watershed Protection Conflict Between New York City Water Supply Managers and Catskill Mountain Region Stakeholders

Stefano, Julia M. Di
Using Gaming to Develop Communication and Collaboration Skills

Sterman, John D.
Rebecca Henderson, Eric Beinhocker, Lee I. Newman
A Behavioral Analysis of Learning Curve Strategy

Sterman, John; Repenning, Nelson
Rogelio Oliva, Elizabeth Krahmer, Scott Rockart, Andrew Jones
Comparing Improvement Programs for Product Development and Manufacturing: Results from Field Studies

Sturtevant, Rochelle
The Effect of Nutrient Recycling on Ecosystem Stability

Suksawang, Orasa
System Dynamics Approach to Managing Community Development

Sycamore, Douglas
Improving Software Project Management Through System Dynamics Modeling

Tasrif, Muhammad
The Implications of Environmental Considerations in Energy Development to the General Economic Welfare and Development of Indonesia

Thiel, Daniel
Instabilities and Deterministic Chaos in Just-In-Time Production Systems: Comparison between Neural Networks Simulation and Continuous Simulation

Tosteson, Joshua
System Dynamics and Earth System Science: Bridging the Gaps Between Research and Education

Trees, W. Scott
Jame K. Doyle, Micheal J. Radizcki, John M. Wilkes
Using Cognitive Styles Typology to Predict Dynamic Decision Making Ability in a Computer Simulation Game Environment

Trimble, John
Applying Software Engineering Principles to System Dynamics

Trimble, John
The Philosophical Consistency of Dialectical Materialism and System Dynamics

Wang, Qifan
A System Dynamics Study of the Coordinated Development of Regional Intrastructure

Wang, Sy-Feng
Showing H. Young
Measuring the Learning of System Thinking in a Microworld and its Cognitive Schemes Behind

Wang, Wanlong
Y.-N. Yan, J.Y.H. Fuhl, Y.S.; Nee, A.Y.C. Wong
Dynamic Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

Wheeler, Frederick P.
Time, Times Scales, and Organizational Dynamics

Wile , Kristina
David Smilonich
Using Dynamic Simulation for Resource Management Policy Design at the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Willey, Phillip C.T.
Amil K. Bajpai
A Systems Dynamic Model of Manufacturing Quality Costs and Benefits

Wils, Anna Babette
Natural Resource Dynamics in Reaction to Human Use: General Patterns (withdrawn)

Winch, Graham
Stephen Sturges
Computer Attack: The Role of Modeling in Developing an Integrated Security Policy

Winch, Graham
Integrating Inter-market and Inter-divisional Technology Strategies in Multinational Manufacturing Firms

Wolstenholme, Eric
Community Care for the Elderly in the UK

Wyatt, Ray
Strategic Planning Using Neural Network-based, Delphi Workshop Software

Xu, Qingrui
Jie Han, Bin Guo, Jin Chen
Hi-tech Impulse: A New Coordinative Development Pattern of Social System

Yang, Jenshon
Facilitating Learning Through Goal Setting in a Learning Laboratory

Young, Jane
Role of Feedback In Soft Systems Interventions

Young, Showing H.
Chia Ping Chen
Entrapping Landmine Structure in Microworlds Formed with Uncontrollable Positive Feedback Loops

Young, Showing H.
Shih-Hui Lo
Experiences in Designing Board-type Simulation Games for Center-Satellite Industrial System

Yu, Jia-Di
Study on Developing Strategies of Regional Water Resources System

Yu, Lijuan
Guided by Learning Organization to Practice a Process Reengineering for an Enterprise Business

Zagonel dos Santos, Aldo A.
A Dynamic Model for Analyzing Urban Growth in a Planned City

Zaraza, Ronald
Diana Fisher
Experiences in Developing Single-Discipline and Cross-Curricular Models for Classroom Use